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Play the damn card, already!

We aren't getting any younger.

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Play the Damn Card, Already!
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Making Fun of Yu-Gi-Oh (Because We Love It So)
Welcome, welcome, and all that good stuff. You've happened upon the community "Play the Damn Card, Already". In case you don't know, for some strange reason, this is a Yu-Gi-Oh! community. You know, that bizarre japanese cartoon where children in leather pants and bondage collars wave cards around in a silly manner trying to be cool? No? Then what the hell are you doing here. Get lost.

Now that we've cleared the riff-raff, we'll get down to business. "Play the Damn Card, Already" is intended to be a fun community for those who love Yu-Gi-Oh, but are sick of being wise and sensible and relevant on all the normal communities. Haven't you ever been sitting online and just wanted to scream "GOZABURO IS ONE UGLY MOFO AND I HATE HIM!!1" and see how many people agree? Ever seen some highly questionable activity in the show and wanted to point it out to the masses? Ever thought that Joey Wheeler deserves a big smack in the face but that Jounouchi Katsuya is quite all right? Well then, this is your kinda place.

We specialize in random observations.

We aim to find humour in the most normal of situations.

We want to proclaim our love of Yu-Gi-Oh by making fun of it 'til the cows come home.

After all, insulting something is the highest form of praise. I think. Maybe I made that up. In any case, go forth now and post whatever you will, within reason. Within reason means this:


Oh, and if you like, do check out the tags so that people can, you know, find your entries and all that jazz.

Beyond all that rule-ish stuff (which is just common sense, yo) you can just go wild.

Oh, you wonder about the name? Well, you must admit, they take so long to make a move in those duels that it just makes you want to yell "PLAY THE DAMN CARD ALREADY!". Thus, a title was born. Now hurry up and post, duelists! Or I'll send Pegasus after your soul.

playthedamncard is run by lavaliere, the_sweet, and very occasionally killyoudead when she isn't pretending to be a pre-teen girl with teal hair that plays card games on the internet.

Helper mods, in case the above three are unavailable, are hemntjrseth and woodfall. Be nice, or the head mod will have to hit you with a large chunk of Egyptian gold.

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