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Okay, who remembers...

...the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie (Pyramid of Light) that had SOME OTHER movie's subtitles transplanted onto it, and we all made hilarious icons and such with it? I'm trying to remember what that OTHER movie was called, but sifting through all the tags, I can't find them.

Help? *shameful disappearing mod is shameful*
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Cell phone charm search!

After years of owning one I lost my first phone charm, this : , I want another one, but I can't find it anywhere to get one. And there are only two places that even have it. (I found my old one in NY, but all the times I've gone down to China town I've never seen them restock the charm.)

The only two places I could find it online are these,

one where it's 57 dollars- http://www.jmarket.com/yugioh-puzzle-charm-strap.html

And here : http://coseyes.com/goods.php?id=7700 Where it's 8 dollars but they don't ship to the US.

If anyone knows where I could possibly get my hands on one, help a girl out! DX

(If this kind of post isn't allowed...I'll take it down. But I'm desperate for help on this!)

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM on Facebook

It looks like Viz and Yu-Gi-Oh! have finally decided to delve into the market of social online games! I logged onto Facebook this morning and was surprised to sees this pop up in the ads on my sidebar. 

The main map is really simple and just consists of a bunch of points on an overworld. When you click on a point, you enter a "Chapter", which consists of more map points that are duels or finding more cards. Finishing each chapter earns you an achievement and money. The duel itself is a very simplified version of Duel Monsters. You only get 3 cards per draw out of a 15 card deck, and 6 slots on the field 3; 3 for monsters, 3 for spells. There are also "Power Ups" which are basically like one-time use items on the side that are really powerful, such as destroying all monsters on the field, etc. Once you set down your monsters and cards, you click the "BAM" button in the middle of the field (no idea what it stands for) which then pits your cards against your opponents. 

Like all other Facebook games, there's a connectivity with your FB friends, although I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm assuming it's things like tag-dueling, gifting, and challenging each other, as well as leaderboards of some sort. You also get a certain amount of "energy" (think Mafia Wars) that gets used up each time you enter a duel or spend time on the map, and once that's gone, you'll have to wait for it to restore, or buy more energy, before you can play again. Duel points and coins are used for purchasing things in the game such as more cards, and can be earned after beating opponents in a duel. 

Production-wise, there's this funky techno-trance soundtrack in the background, which wasn't what I was expecting... but it's not bad. The visuals are pretty simple, as are the card designs. I'm not sure that there's much of a plot except that it you were invited to this tournament by the "Organizer" and now must duel your way through this world "Alba Litora", a "shattered place lost in time, which a cataclysmic event wiped out all duels." O....kay. In any case, Yami starts out by teaching you the basics before you go and start dueling on your own. Seto Kaiba's your first boss, although he really doesn't say much except for his usual "think you can beat me?" I'm hoping we'll get to see more characters than just the main ones from DM. 

As with all YGO games, deck building is a huge part, so I'm foreseeing new cards being added in the future for current promotions and things like that. Despite the simplicity of it all, the game is actually kinda addicting, and hey, it's Yu-Gi-Oh!, so of course I'm going to play! You can find it by searching "Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM" on Facebook apps.

Konami, the second bidder of Yu-Gi-Oh auction!


Company Seeks To Negotiate Alternative Transaction

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (Pink Sheets: KIDEQ), the global children's entertainment and merchandise licensing company ("Company"), announced today that late last week, the Company received a competing bid (the "Konami Bid") from 4K Acquisition Corp. (the "Konami Bidder"), an indirect subsidiary of Konami Corporation, a Japanese corporation ("Konami"). In the competing bid the Konami Bidder offered to purchase substantially all of the assets of the Company in a transaction under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. The Konami Bid, in the judgment of the Company, represented a Qualified Bid under the terms of the Bidding Procedures ("Bidding Procedures") approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York ("Court") in the Company's Bankruptcy Case pending before the Court.

On June 5, 2012, the Company commenced an auction between the stalking horse bidder, Kidsco Media Ventures LLC (the "Saban Bidder"), an affiliate of Saban Capital ("Saban"), and the Konami Bidder. During the auction, each of the bidders made several improved bids. After several rounds of competitive bidding, the auction was adjourned to allow the bidders to consider an alternative transaction among the Company, the Konami Bidder and the Saban Bidder pursuant to which each of the bidders would acquire certain assets of the Company. The proposed alternative transaction, if consummated, would result in a substantial improvement in the proceeds payable to the Company over the last bid made prior to such adjournment. The possible alternative transaction is conditioned upon the negotiation of definitive documentation among the Company, the Konami Bidder and the Saban Bidder and the approval of such alternative transaction by the Bankruptcy Court. There can be no assurance that such alternative transaction will be completed.

The Konami Bidder and the Saban Bidder have each agreed that their last bids made prior to the adjournment of the auction will remain binding until July 31, 2012. The last bids made by the respective bidders prior to the adjournment of the auction will result in the Company realizing additional proceeds from the sale of assets when compared to each of the stalking horse bid set forth in the Asset Purchase Agreement entered into between the Company and the Saban Bidder as of April 25, 2012 and the Qualified Bid submitted by the Konami Bidder prior to the auction. If the proposed alternative transaction is not consummated by the Company, the Konami Bidder and the Saban Bidder, the Company will resume the auction.

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Well hello,it's been a long time since I joined this community,today I would like to show the whole universe my love being a near-decade fan of YGO through......my drawing!!hehehe..XD

Collapse )
That's all folks,I currently drawing KC Championship pic which I'm having a problem because my laptop is quite small so the screen resolution is small too..Both my digital drawings were drawn in my college's computer labs' Mac,which size is larger than life XD
P/S: Actually I have drawn DM and DMG but I'm planning to draw in bigger version since I have downloaded Duel Art so I can draw more detailed :)
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Funimation plus Yu-Gi-Oh licence = Uncut Yu-Gi-Oh!


"This is one rescue I'd like to see uncut on the channel at some point ;)"

Like and Share this photo if you'd like FUNimation Entertainment to try and pick up the rights to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise which will be going up for auction on June 5 before they end up going to Saban (Power Rangers). That opens up the possibility for uncut / unaltered releases on BD/DVD so you can finally have Yu-Gi-Oh / GX / 5D's / ZeXaL box sets in your collection! With enough customer support, even re-dubs like they did with One Piece. http://www.crunchyroll.com/​anime-news/2012/05/01-1/​4kids-sells-yu-gi-oh-assets

(PS if FUNimation Channel gets it, that also opens up possibilities for ~cosplayer promotions~) If you got twitter, throw some tweets to @FUNimation to ask them to pick up YGO.
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fanart: kaiba, yami

Hey~ this isn't cracky... but it's fanart? I hope you guys are okay with that!

You can click the preview images to go to their individual deviantart posts. Or, here's some more specifics for each one:

on [tumblr here]
on [my artblog @ dreamwidth here] (with some Loki paintings if you're into Avengers)

I actually drew this ages ago, but I updated it quite a lot in lieu of a few conventions coming up (Fanime, AX, AM2)
on [tumblr here]
on [my artblog @ dreamwidth here] (with a number of other touched-up older pieces from various fandoms)

Hope you guys like them!