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This morning's episode

I know many of you had already watched dozens of CapMon episodes on Yugiohfans (a little guess there...), but after todays episode, did anyone else fall over when they showed the scenes for next week's episode and Yami was fighting in the Dark Magician armor?

Really, I fell because of that.

-- That voice was so annoying. The witch reminded me of The Nanny, too. She looked really pretty.

-- Yugioh is very embarrassing to watch in front of other people now.

-- Yami was so girly. Teehee. I know he was stuck in a sandstorm and everything, but still. Fictional characters can be made fun of, right...? -bashed-

-- I'm a puzzleshipper. So I'm happy. "X3

-- The Dark Magician carrying Yami gets to me everytime. Yami is really being an uke when it comes to 4kids. Not that I'm complaining...

-- The sudden masked-man was just so original, wasn't it? Anyway, Yami's line of, "A masked man guided me" really reminded me of when he dissed Arcana saying, "I never trust a masked man." ..Just a little dorky thing I picked up. "x]

-- Joey's last line was very true. All that light was annoying, hyuk hyuk.

-- And of course, scenes from next week's episode. Hyuk hyuk, Yami's going to fight with that armor again. I think I'll do a double-flip.

Now that I'm done, go on with the rest of your lives, my brothers (and sisters).

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