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Oh I am a loser!

Very vague Yu-Gi-Oh! sighting.
I was at work, and being a bored little worker I was that day, I opened one of our drawers in the front, which is no big deal mind you...
But it was that day that I nearly spazzed...because I saw TK. Yes just those letters, but I was like Theif King has a PLU?!
I remind you I said I was retarded...

I also have two questions. One is simple...the other not so much.

The first began as a little theory, as one day I was looking at Yami Malik's tounge and had the thought everyone does. MAN that guy's tounge is LONG! And you see it on a bunch of pictures. And then I looked at Bakura's pictures and I came to the conclusion that he has a relatively short tounge since I never see it any farther than his lips. Does anyone agree with me? This leads me to my question. Who would you guess has a long/short tounge and why? why yes it is a stupid question.

The other is something I have been wondering for a loooong time. I love Bokura Kukuretai's work, I've seen it many places (which I know is why the site is gone ;,;)but does anyone know where I could get/purchase any of their work? If this isn't allowed I'll be sure to take it down...and if it needs to be f-locked I will do it as soon as you tell me to ^^;
I'm just really curious...

Okay, I'm done...


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