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I C U, You see?

Well, hello.
It's about time I posted something here, so here goes.

It's something I made some time ago, but I think it never gets old. Oh, and I'm not sure if the whole "target blank" stuff worked, so I suggest "Open File In New Window."
Anyway, just click the thumbnails and see for yourselves! ^_^

!!!!! - None of the artwork is mine, except for a small pic of Amelda.
Henceforth, I disclaim any rights on the artworks used to create this, except for one small picture of Amelda. Also I want to thank all the amazing artists who made something so beautiful for us to gape at in uber bliss. I bow my head in front of your skill.

YamiMarik YamiBakura ThiefKing Kaiba Marik Ryou Amelda Wallpaper

Not quite a wallpaper, but...

Feel free to use them. And I'm open to any requests in case you've got one. ^_^

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