niisan_ryou (niisan_ryou) wrote in playthedamncard,

Bakura couldn't let the Pharoh beat him...He had to have a food chain commercial as well.

Warnings: Crackness and swear words.

Ryou: *Watching his Favorite British Soap*
Bakura: *plops down on couch, kicking his feet on table and unwraps his Chili Meltdown GrillBurger™*
Ryou: Yami? What is that you are eating? *tilts head, watching as Chili drops of the bun*
Bakura: Don't know what ever shit Dairy Queen is selling. *takes a huge bite*
Ryou: *scrunches his nose and tries to pay attention to his show*
Bakura: One minute I forgot my beer... *gets up and heads for the kitchen*
Ryou: *eyes move from the T.V. to Bakura's meal to Bakura and back to the meal*
Bakura: *still in kitchen* Ryou? Where the hell is my Beer?!?
Ryou: *making sure Bakura isn't paying attention, Picks up burger and takes a tiny nibble*
Bakura: *After finding his beer heads back to living room shocked at what he is seeing* What the hell?!?!
Ryou: *changed the channel to a Hockey channel and currently yelling at the T.V* What the Bloody Hell! So what if he has a stick rammed though his leg? He can still play! You fucking Referee! *spots Bakura* Thanks for the beer Bakura! *grabs it*
Bakura: O_e

Announcer: Chili Meltdown GrillBurger™ it would make a man out of you.

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