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When my favorite fandoms collide...

So I recently bought Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and have been logging some serious ass-kicking time into it. Vincent Valentine is absolute ♥♥♥ he was my favorite in the original FFVII, kicked ass in Advent Children, and now I have to stop before I go into a whole Vin-centric ramble.


So in the beginning of the second "chapter," while Reeve is trying to tell Vincent just wtf is going on, the television pops on, and this psychotic guy starts talking about how he's going to take over what's left of the world, and telling how he's going to kill everyone that stands in his way: since I can't remember his rambling, I'll somewhat paraphrase by saying that he mentioned massacre, slicing, dismemberment, and the like, all while wearing this giddy little smirk on his face.

But when I saw said psychotic guy - whose name is Weiss - I immediately thought, WTF! Nomura-san watches YGO?!

Ladies and gentlement, I present to you my evidence of such:


Yami no Malik

So, suffice to say, I now play the game with the mindset that Vincent has to save the world from YnMalik since the Yuugitachi and their card games failed miserably, *giggles</>*

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