Elaine (bluefirekitsune) wrote in playthedamncard,

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*ahem* Okay, the following is no joke. Recall those Lord of the Rings dubbings of YGO? (I can't find the links, sorry >_<)
Last night, I had a series of odd dreams, involving school softball games, riding horses though snow storms, and youtube.
While skipping the mandatory softball game that was taking place at my school, I surfed youtube and found a hilarious Harry Potter voice.

Once I woke up, first thing I thought was, "I have to go look if it really exhists." Actually, no, the first thing I thought was, "WHO THE HELL IS USING A CHAIN SAW AT THIS HOUR!", but that's another story.

So I searched. And found this. Not as good as the one I dreamt about, but it's this only one I can find right now.

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