iyabean (volley) wrote in playthedamncard,

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I read the rules, so I think it'll be alright...

I gave honest, constructive criticism in a review to this fic and got this as a response:

do you not get the part about "FANFICTION".
Plus if you recall in past episodes, butch is the character that beat the crap out of joey and tristen and yugi defended them blaw blaw blaw. If you have a problem with it, DONT READ THE STORY AND QUIT COMMPLAINING TO ME ABOUT HOW TO WRITE A STORY!

This is the first time I got a "flame-esque" message and therefore I am horribly amused...And Butch is the name of my gay hairstylist back in the Philippines... Ah, good ol' Butch... xD;

...So I wrote my reply to his reply:

Wow, thanks for the quick reply to my review. Ahaha...

I shall refrain from abusing caps lock since I think it's rather unclassy...

Quoting you, 'do you not get the part about "FANFICTION".', I counter with this: Do you not get the part about *constructive* criticism? It's meant to *help*. If you don't catch my drift, look up "constructive" in the dictionary. The dictionary is very helpful, you know. My criticism was meant to help you improve your storytelling, but unfortunately it seems that you failed to get the point.

Oh, and when you mean "Butch", you're talking about Ushio, right? Yes, I know Ushio. And unless my memory has failed me, I also know that Yami Yuugi has already dealt with him, therefore he is no longer a threat.

And keep in mind that Serenity is Joey's "driving force". He'd definitely get over his fear for someone bigger and stronger than him and recklessly throw himself into a fight just to insure his beloved sister's well-being.

If anyone is complaining, it's you. It was constructive criticism, nothing more. You could disregard everything I said if you like and continue writing your shallow Gary Stu and blatantly ignore characterization and canon. Or you could actually pay attention to the point I was trying to get across and improve your fanfiction, making characters believable and having a better story overall. It's your call.

Point of discussion: YGO badfic and their authors who fail to notice the "constructive" in "constructive criticism", even if it was shoved up their arses.

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