tatteredraven (tatteredraven) wrote in playthedamncard,

Cosplay for the lazy

Me and a group of my friends will be going to AX this year and I have been trying all in my power to get my friend Ansen to cosplay as Yugi. As I told him before "But Ansen, you're perfect for Yugi! You're short, Asian and uberly cute!" But alas, he will not put on a neck buckle no matter what. So while we're talking he random says "Hey! Why don't we go as Yuugiou cards?" Cue Raven going OMFG! :3

So yep, we're going to find a way to make huge YGO cards and (hopfully) wear them to the con. We want to get five people together so we can go as Exodia. I've already called Left Leg cause I'm that cool. Is this not an awesome idea, or I am just too lame for my own good? ^^;

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