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Yay ACen and Stuff!

Like everyone says when they are new...
I am new and not lurking anymore! Kukuku. :]

I just thought I might say that. I've always wanted to join since I got an LJ account three or so years ago, and I did. <33 Huzzah~

Anyway, the point of this post is to talk to the first anime convention I have ever went to. And what I thought about it in a Yuugiou-sense.
Yay for Anime Central 2k6!


So yes, for this being my first con ever, I thought it would be really nice to go find Yuugiou merchandise!
...With only $40. *flail*
I also thought it would be awesome to see all of the Yuugiou cosplayers and take pictures of them! :D

Oh how wrong I was.

So, it seems that one of the largest anime conventions has NO Yuugiou wall-scrolls, NO Yuugiou shirts, NO Yuugiou nothing, really.

All I found there was a small selection of manga and trading cards. That is all I found.
How wrong is that?! I was extremely disappointed. ;~;;;
*kicks Chicago*

And if you wanted to know, I bought Volume 8 of "Duelist" and I already had it. I skipped a volume and I thought it was that one. T_T

And now, about cosplayers!

I thought there would be tons of them! I saw fifteen if you count individually. Maybe not even.
Took pictures of as many as I could. Because ALL Of them were awesome! If any of you are in this community, I was Inoue from Bleach *death* on Saturday, and yesterday I was a Bakura without a wig. But I had everything else. :D
Though my Millennium Ring somewhat came apart at the end of the escalator in the Dealership's Room. *whines*

Anyway, yes. The point of this is to say that Yuugiou somehow needs to be brought unto other people's attentions. Most of them only think it's about trading cards, so no one really does anything to look into the manga and anime series.
Which is horrible and is why I think there was nothing besides only a handful of awesome cosplayers.

Sorry if this is too long! XD;

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