Sephira (sephi_chan21) wrote in playthedamncard,

Nickelodeon just aired the last YGO episode in Australia yesterday...

Comments on episode:

o_o Not much comments really. Though, there was this close up scene of Jou's face at the almost end of the episode. When I saw his face, I came to a conclusion that he's too pretty for a guy. >__> Yeah like I haven't come to that conclusion already xD *gets shot*

And they didn't have the ending sequence where they showed the other cast members from the show!! TT__TT I would have liked to know what they were up to... Maybe I'll go off to watch the Japanese dub in the internet later...

Though what's gonna happen now? ;__; Will Nickelodeon stop airing YGO? That would be a shame if they do... YGO GX is alright and all, but I will really miss the old cast. I wonder if the local channel will air it? Or maybe Nickelodeon would somehow air the whole show as a marathon in the holidays or something... I miss the old days. ^__^

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