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Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3<

Because I know people have been curious - I've managed to find a scan of the page wherein the Dark Bakura announces that his Host's father owns the museum. This is early on in chapter 320, which will take Shonen Jump awhile to get to, unfortunatly.

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I'm right in the middle of Finals week, so I'm pressed for time and can't do a translation justice. If someone else wants to try their hand, I'm sure we would all be greatful. One point of intrest that I can relate though - the Dark Bakura calls his Host's father "Bakura no chichi", while Ryoh himself calls his father "tousan" in episode 13 of the Duel Monsters anime : 3;

Edit: I've found another scan contining an...intresting wordplay:

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I've never noticed this before, but this Bakura's name is written out with different kanji. Thanks to Hadamitzky and Spahn, I discovered that Atem is literally calling that Bakura "Thief King" oO; Is there anyone who can tell me if this is how AE Bakura is refered to normally?

[credit to Janime for the scans]

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