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In search of fic challenges

Ooh, I'm bad. I know. Asking for something like this is asking for my muse to beat me upside the head with a rubber wand. But I have to.
Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh fic challenge communities? Something to the tune of sm_monthly would be quite cool- essentially, a community where themes (with a single general theme for the whole period of time) are posted on a regular basis, people post links to their posted stories, everyone votes on the best genres/fit to the theme/of the month, and prizes are awarded.

Truthfully, I could care less about prizes and the like, but I'm looking for a place that has regular, interesting themes for Yu-Gi-Oh. I know of general fandom communities (like my own 30kisses), but I was thinking more fandom-specific. I'm also hoping they're not SO restricted (as in, "Yaoi only!!11!eleventyone!"), and they're not just "like icontest communities, but for fics!"

...And knowing me, if I can't find one, I'll make one. :P

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