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And so the journy continues?

I return.

Turns out I, mab, after.. working out on my mad skillz or something that day with Jelly-Chan and the Yuugi Zoo...

GOT INTO ART SCHOOL!!1 With art in my brain and 1853209 pounds of spazzy-crack I ran into fellow students who knew of DUEL STANDBY!, the Yuu-Gi-Oh site that umeko_pyon and I run together.
What happened later on? After making fun of Kaiba and creating him a mother? Then hearing the song Toxic?

An art student AMV of course. Dedicated to Kaiba, with special appearances by Malik, Bakura and Yuugi, all drawn by the students themselves and produced in flash...

WARNING! This is a very cracky video!

Kaiba: TOXIC-Britany Spears
---video here---->MA! You gotta let me BE WHO I AM! omghappyKaibwtf

lol i go 2 art skool so i dun hav 2 lern big wurdz

P.M.S. There are art history references through-out this AMV... yeah... art students xD; See if you can catch them.

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