Lunarwolf (lunar_wolf) wrote in playthedamncard,

[ETA] Apparently stuff happens at the end of the series, which I haven't seen. XD All's good in my world again.

I was thinking about Kaiba and his need to prove himself against Yuugi, and I recalled that duel they had during Duelist Kingdom where Yuugi had to wrest control from the other Yuugi. Was Kaiba really satisfied with his win? Or does he know that the win really didn't count and that's why he's so dog-gone determined to defeat Yuugi in a real match?

And then I thought: Joey is always second best, never the first. (Right? Has he ever been number one?) He's got determination too, and guts for constantly trying again and again.

So Yuugi, to my recollection, has only lost twice --once to Kaiba against the Pharaoh's wishes in Duelist Kingdom, and once again to Rebecca out of respect for her feelings. Is that all? (And the Pharaoh has never lost a game --it's always been Yuugi. Correct me if I'm wrong about canon!) Has he truly never lost a game?

Am I the only one who finds that frustrating? Yes, he's the main character, but a genuine loss or two won't hurt, and might be really interesting fodder for character development.

I find it amusing that I'm dying for him to just lose a duel for once. Heh.

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