perpetually ridiculous (immicolia) wrote in playthedamncard,
perpetually ridiculous

I'm posting this here because I have no idea where else to post it and I'm so inordinately pleased with myself for actually pulling this off I have to flaunt it.

See, as of the past little while, modding the Sims 2 has become a bit of a hobby. Mainly because I am an obsessed geek who wants to have really nice YGO skins. Last night, I figured out how to put tattoos on a skin tone for exceptionally dorky fanfic related reasons that I will not get into here and wondered if I was ambitious enough to try to do a skintone with Malik's scars. I attempted it:

Considering I just grabbed a half-decent screencap (this one to be precise) and kinda did a quick and dirty job. It's not all that bad. If anyone who plays the Sims 2 actually wants it I can upload it. The next quest is figuring out how to edit meshes. Or possibly just making some proper eyeliner for Malik so it looks right.

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