Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3< (mistressminako) wrote in playthedamncard,
Jack Atlas' personal handler ;: 3<

The hat controls them.



For those that don't know, the second image is indeed, Bakura Ryoh's father. He shows up in a flashback at the end of Duel Monsters Episode 13. He is mocked endlessly because of his Indiana Jones cosplay, and the hat specifically.

It seems as if the hat has tried to claim Min!TK as well. I have no idea what anime that image is from, I've mearly snagged the base somewhere along my internet travels. If someone could inform me, I would be greatful.

Both images are 100x100 and can be used as an icon base. Credit me if you use them. I have a good-quality version of Ep. 13, and I can make more caps of Bakura-sensei if anyone wants them.

This is the third such occurance of Bakaure in strange places. Amane is actually the main character in Beating Angel Dokuro-chan, and Ryoh himself appears to have become a ballet dancer in Princess Tutu - including the Dark Bakura as well.

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