Skyla Doragono (skyla_doragono) wrote in playthedamncard,
Skyla Doragono

Taking Commissions

Well, it's no big secret that I dislike taking commissions, but as a friend of mine pointed out, I'm doing what I like for money, so I have no right to complain. XP

So, because of recent problems (which can be simplified by saying Apple f'd up my iPod and they refuse to do anything about it because my 'pod is "so old"), I've decided to start taking commissions in hopes of building up enough money to help pay for another one.

That is the link to the project where you can find all the information on my commission taking. Please don't be concerned about where the project is; if you're not a member you don't see anything questionable.

Please, if you care to, help me out by ordering up a commission. I'd really appreciate it.

Note: Cross-posted everywhere humanly possible.
Double Note: Cross-posted here because I would LOVE to take some Yuugiou commissions.

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