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Upon your mercy oh great aibou

Dear friends and allies. I need your help.

I'm not really involved with many other communities..... okay maybe like three others, one being my own YGO Radio, so I'm not sure if i'm stepping the boundries a bit when I ask for help in hunting down a fic on PTDC. But I'm feeling kinda desperate since just seraching on doesn't work.

Reaping the Rewards - Author... can't remember I'm sorry.
Plot: Yuugi is a Death Archiver. Yami died and Yuugi was the one to go fetch his soul and he chose to work it off, and doesn't really like Yuugi that much. Yuugi is a mortal Death Archiver or something in those terms, but he was one mortal but due to circumstances specialness and such, he's a DA. Is this story hitting any bells with anyone? He get's stuck on earth through some wicked scheme sometime after Yami pays off his death and is reborn?

Well I had the page fav'd but, when I clicked it the link thingy didn't work. said no longer existed. So I searched the site and found nothing, but then again I couldn't even find my own pen name through the search thing. So can anyone re-unite me with this most awesome of stories? if it's cross-posted or they happen to have it stored in their Hard Drives. I'm a littler desperate.

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