pyrefly_sky (pyrefly_sky) wrote in playthedamncard,


Too much time on my hands leads to very, random things....

Okay, I see it like this...

One day in his very childish glee, Mokuba finds it very amusing to put "stuff" in the washing machine while it's on (what child hasn't done something similar?!). This time it happens to be Starch and while Seto's newest million dollar coat is going through the rinse cycle...
Later it's hung on the line in all it's innocence, while it's very windy (to dry it quicker).
Then horror of horrors... No amount of ironing can get out the wind whipped starch.

Seto annoyed but not defeated growls: "Fine. Screw this." and wears it anyway. It quickly becomes a fashion statement, goes into retail, and becomes a trademark... bringing in too much cash and looking too dramatic to dare wear anything without the "Kabia fashionable flap"...

Ignore me... too much sugar!

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