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Stargate, weekend and more gradeschool-crack

Yo! I come bearing crack. Got bored on weekend and browsed through my large collection of video files and... I found out Bakura somehow managed to infiltrate Stargate:Atlantis.

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Obviously, Bakura has enrolled himself under a false name. (Ronon Dex my ass, SEE that hair???)

And where a Bakura is, a Ryou can't be missing:

Image hosting by Photobucket
He's eating as if he'd been in the Shadow Realm for far too long in this scene, too XD.

Sorry for the bad quality. Can't get 'em better with the stupid program I have for screencaps.

By the way: the YuGiOh! crazy gradeschoolers once again managed to get me today. We've started a new theme, "Fairytales."

Teacher: So, kids, what Fairytales do you know already?

Kids: Snowhite, Cinderella... (a few others of the Brothers Grimm ones)

littleKnowItAllBoy: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, YuGiOh!

Teacher: uhm... ... are you sure those are fairytales?

Boy: YES of course! There's magic and elves and dragons and ghosts and things that just don't happen and they have a good ending!

teh rena: *silently dies in the corner*

Well I suppose one *could* make a good fairytale out of YuGiOh.

Once upon a time there lived a great king in a country far, far away. He was a good king and the folk loved him. He had the most amazing crimson eyes and his hair was *insert blatant gibberish here* and he was deeply in love with his betrothed princess Seto Yuugi some blatant girl that hopefully won't play any part in the story later. But his evil stepmother priest wanted power for himself and thus decided to get rid of the king... XD

And on a side note: I was watching Avatar with my baby-cousin on Saturday. You know, German!Dub Zuko has Yamis voice?

So in this episode he was fighting Aang and I was sitting on the sofa going all Yami you idiot! Play a trap card already!!!

OMGnoes! The King of scary facescars was defeated in the end! Aang totally pwned him. I'm contemplaiting wheter Aang's actually Seto or his lackey or something like that. It keeps me highly amused.

... Am I imagining things or is this comm rubbing off a bit too much?

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