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dream sort of thing, yeah.

dudes, i just got back from Katsucon, and man all i can say is woah. first con, amazing con.
anyway i'm here to tell you about what the lack of sleep and the overload of anime did to me. i cosplayed as Ban Midou and thusly had a very spiky wig. and when i woke up the next afternoon morning i thought i had Yugi's hair. my head was in this weird position on the pillow and i thought to my self "OH NO! its gonna be all flat!" so i jumped up and saw my regular hair in the mirror and started freaking out like "AHHH! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! A PONYTAIL? WHERE ARE THE REST OF MY COLOURS? IN FACT, I DONT EVER REMEMBER HAVING ANY BROWN HAIR AT ALL! DID BAKRUA CUT MY HAIR WHILE I WAS ASLEEP? DID HE DYE IT TOO? OH MY GO-" then my mom woke up and told me to shut the hell up cause i was being loud. thats when i remembered that i'm not yugi...
anyway, props to those guys dressed as the AE cast, really nice job on your costumes. i think the one who was jounochi reads here.

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