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for those who are into the Sims 2

Because a few people have asked where I got the skins from since I posed my YGO Sims 2 crack screencaps, I have decided to make just one huge informational post as opposed to telling everyone separately. So, a complete rundown of where to find nice bits and pieces to make your very own YGO Sims. With all apologies made to those who don't give a damn.

Most of these links come off of ModTheSims2. Which is a message board based site. You need to be registered for the board to download, but it's not a super huge deal.

First, there are others, more talented than I, that have already made some decent YGO skins. Lunar Eclipse has made beautiful looking skins of Anzu and Shizuka and the Bakuras. As well, there's a not too bad looking skin of Miho out there. And a mediocre one of Asuka for those of you into GX.

Moving on, the bits and pieces. To simplify this, I'm going one by one with the Sims I've made and listing off where specific parts came from. Unless otherwise indicated, the skin tone I normally use is the "Animeish Peach" that comes with Lunar Eclipse's skins. I also tend to use the eyeliner that came with those skins, because it's just perfect. Also, for my recolours to work, I believe you will need to download the mesh separately.

So, by character and really in no particular order:

Mutou Yugi/Yami Yugi
Eyes: Genensims, standard eyes, package 3. (there's two separate variations on violet I use for the two different Yugis but they're both in the same package)
Makeup: Lunar Eclipse's Bakura eyeliner.
Hair: a personal recolour of this mesh. Which can be found here. (YSI link by the way, if anyone knows of or can offer a more permanent place to store these recolours, I'd love it)
Clothing: Yugi's outfit is a basic Maxis one, from the Nightlife expansion pack. As for Yami Yugi, well.... For nice vinyl and PVC looking outfits, both q3tbo and Knightskykyte have made some suitable looking outfits. I think those particular ones pictured are both Knightskykyte's. Although the top is one that I edited the alpha channels on to remove the tattoos.

Kaiba Seto
Eyes: Genensims, standard eyes, package 1.
Hair: MessyNatural mesh
Clothing: Gothic Coat

Kaiba Mokuba (adult version pictured, but all the parts can be used for a teen as well)
Eyes: Genensims, standard eyes, package 1 (I think)
Hair: After Midnight: Twilight mesh
Clothing: Maxis (I have yet to find any clothing that would work well for Mokuba of any age, so he gets Maxis junk ^^)

Ishizu Ishtar
She's actually one of my most basic ones in that save for the eyeliner, which is Lunar Eclipse's from her Anzu/Shizuka skins, it's entirely made up of basic Maxis parts. The hair is from the nightlife expansion but everything else is from the regular Sims 2.

Malik Ishtar
Skintone: Maxis
Eyes: Genensims, standard eyes, package 1
Makeup Lunar Eclipse's Bakura eyeliner
Hair: Maxis (although in my poking around tonight, digging up all these links, I've found that the Kavar's Hair mesh might work well for this as well. MTS2 is being rather touchy tonight though, so I can't get it downloaded)
Clothing: Maxis

Skintone: Maxis
Eyes: in all honesty, I can't quite remember where that particular shade of brown came from although ultimately any would work. Genensims, standard eyes, package 10 is nothing but shades of brown. So... ^^
Makeup: Lunar Eclipse's Anzu/Shizuka eyeliner
Hair: for the record, I have near driven myself mad trying to find a hair mesh that would make for a decent Mana. This one, I just found last night and is the "Roaring 20's" mesh from Sims Connection, which is a paysite but this particular one is under the free hairstyle downloads. Around page 10 or so as of now.
Clothing: Maxis, Nightlife expansion

Eyes: Genensims, standard eyes, package 1
Makeup: Lunar Eclipse's Anzu/Shizuka eyeliner
Hair: a personal recolour of the Long Hair For Female mesh which can be found here. (YSI link again)
Clothing: Maxis, Nightlife expansion.

Rebecca Hopkins (adult version pictured, but all the parts can be used for a teen as well)
Eyes: Genensims, standard eyes, package 1
Makeup: Lunar Eclipse's Anzu/Shizuka eyeliner
Hair: the pigtails are Maxis, the bangs are a separate part that come from the Compete Ponytail mesh.
Accessories: the glasses are basic Maxis parts, the freckles can be found here
Clothing: Maxis, Nightlife expansion (I think. The skirt might be basic.)

And that, would be all of them thus far. *drops dead from the digging up of links* And, of course, if anyone knows where to find other decent bits and pieces for half-ass making other characters (I'd kill to have an Otogi) I'd love to know.

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