Self (sikkinixx) wrote in playthedamncard,

So, yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the arcade for some good old fashioned mindless fun. After winning a bunch of tickets, we went up to the counter to find something good, and there, he spotted YUGIOH GUM.
We got a Image hosting by Photobucket of it and brought it home. While we found the text on the bottom of the tin that read "wash before use" a little disturbing, he took out of a piece and low and behold, THE LOUDEST CRUNCH EVER is emitted. The gum was rock hard and never turned gummy as you chewed it. o_o
My bet is that it's been sitting there in that arcade since the Enter the Shadow Realm arc's been on TV XD And while it's years old, hard, kind of dirty tasting and the tin is sunbleached, I am so proud to have this XDXD

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