Mitochondrial Eve (whosjeebus) wrote in playthedamncard,
Mitochondrial Eve

A Salute

Mai Valentine - My Hero

Happy Mai Valentine's Day!

You know what?

Mai gets a raw deal.

Both in the series AND in fandom.

So today, February the 14th, I'd like to take a moment and salute this feisty lady who doesn't seem to get even HALF the recognition she deserves. She's part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! hierarchy, (i.e. Yami/Yugi will never be beaten by Kaiba will never be beaten by Joey will never be beaten by Mai, and so on and so forth) and she deserves a little love, too!

Even if she IS just a tall version of Yami with bodacious taa-taa's.

**squishes Mai**

C'mon ladies and gents -- Let's band together and give Mai Valentine a big hand (to match that big hair of hers). After all, what's NOT to like about a sexually promiscuous older woman who dresses like a stripper and has a fondness for molesting chasing much younger, totally oblivious blond puppies?

I think we can ALL get behind that...

Heh. Behind.

Edit 1: Someone unnamed (you know who you are, you sicko!) has reminded me that I am the proud owner of 3 scanned doujinshi pages in which MAI herself tops poor Jounouchi, (he's so uke, even the GIRLS are giving it to him up the keister!) so if you want to see them yourself, just give me a poke.

Heh. Poke.

Jou: Would you STOP that??

Me: Oh, shut up. You like it.

Edit 2: Because so many people have asked me, I've put the doujin pics up on my LJ. Here's some linkie love, if you're interested.


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