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I think I found Yuugi's father...

Does anyone else watch the Eyeshield 21 subs? For people who are wondering, it's an anime based on the manga of the same name. It's about American Football. (Yeah...) Well, in a few episodes our Japanese heroes are facing an American team, and the announcer for the game had hair very similar to Yuugi's. It was black with the magenta outlines, but no blonde bangs. First time I saw him I went "Oh my God! It's Yuugi's dad!" I just kept staring at him when they put him on the screen. Too wierd. Even better, this guy's hair moves like a fan on the back on his head. That would have been amusing to see Yuugi's hair do that, but Yugioh is a lot more serious than this is. This show has a level of crack that's on a different level.

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