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Fanon Vs Canon

I've seen the complaints regarding fanon on this site pop up and it got me wondering now...

What's liked better? fanon or canon? I'm sure either way, fanon over-rules the majority over canon in the YGO fandom, but I'm curious ^_^

A lot of people look for information now a days that get curious, and most of it tends to be inaccurate, is fanon, never happened in the series (but got so popular, it spawned into fanon in this case, which may as well be canon), a lot of people seem to think lighter halves have relationships with their darker halves. Now, I pay too much attention to the show for research so I tend to pick up on a lot of things that are unfortunately, over-looked.

You can't really have sex with yourself. So, I don't see how the whole LighterxDarker half pairings came to be. Maybe I'm just too canon for my own good. I think a lot of people may over-look that they're reincarnates, or that there has to be a deeper bond because they share the same body? I don't know, it's just strange to me. New-comers to the fandom might see so many sites devoted to said pairings and be like, "hey it didn't happen in the show, but I like that idea!" so they continue to use it, and it turns into fanon rather than canon. Yuugi himself being in Egypt was BIZARRE with him being the Pharaoh. I can see why a lot of people would get confused. But while I did watch the series, and do research, the most obvious (I guess) and believable ship, would probably be puzzleshipping. It definitely over-rules any kind of ship. YNB is too engrossed in his mission and Ryou hates him. The fact that he may have said stuff in the manga to make writers believe otherwise is silly.... he's evil. He's going to like being in control and naturally say some wild stuff. It's up to us whether or not we let our imaginations run away with it.

Atemu is very cold toward Anzu, or indifferent. The most time he spends with her, he's pretty indifferent. Even when the train crashes and they're stuck together, but he did crack a joke about his duel disc (if we're going by the dub). He's less indifferent toward Yuugi. I guess that's why het's so over-looked. *sigh*

It's hard to find a good site now-a-days that actually have accurate information about lighter halves, darker halves and the like other than what the main site used to already provide. You know the basic profile, "Yuugi completed the puzzle, unleashing the Pharaoh" profiles that don't really say much.

SO, I'm curious now. Fanon or canon? characterxanyone is fanon, so I guess it over-rules. I notice on ff.net a lot of people complain about characters being in character. But I think what they don't realize is that said character x any characters is automatically OOC (because it didn't happen in the show at all) is fanon and is out of character.

Yami no Malik is not a real "yami". I don't know why people keep thinking he is. He's a personality disoder created by Malik's hate. That's why, he's also different than Yami no Yuugi, and Yami no Bakura. Because of that.

But I'm biased, and I agree YGO didn't look into much romance, I suppose it had to do with all that saving the world, and what not, and dueling thing going on that they never got to experience that. Well, much. It certainly doesn't stop HondaxOtogi from chasing after Shizuka or whatever XD

Just some thoughts *shrugs*

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