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When I was young...

Inspired by this post, I thought I'd share a little story of my own.

Now, up to a year ago, I was living with my aunt and uncle in Portland. It was there that I, at the tender age of 18, discovered not only anime, but also its subcultures of yaoi, shonen-ai, etc. It started with watching a few episodes of various animes with my cousin (Cait), who was at the time 13.

She had been a frequent reader of ff.net for sometime and was well aware of yaoi and the like. I, however, was not. So it came as quite a surprise when one of my other cousin (Conner) tumbled down the stairs, glanced up at the projector screen (for my uncle had rigged up a projector/home theater system... beats buying a big screen tv) and scowled.

"Caitlyn! Why are you watching this again?" he bemoaned.

"Because Naruto and Susuke are so cute together! Look! It's canon!" Cait responded.

My responce: "Caitlyn! What are you talking about?!" Having grown up in a rather conservative town before this time, I was completely affronted.

Then, Caitlyn and Conner (who, I'd like to mention, was 7 at the time) go into a discussion over which pairings in Naruto are more canon, while I sat there and stared.

Eventually, Caitlyn gets up in a huffy, pulls me up and we go upstairs to the computer room where she promptly begins to show me the wonders of yaoi and shonen-ai on ff.net. Of course, being as *cough* mature *cough* as she was, she directed me to good fics, knowing what was decent and what wasn't.

But here's the clincher: Before she sits me down and gets me reading into a really involved yaoi fic, she directs me to a certain section. That section being our beloved Yuugiou. She pulls up one of the fluffiest Yami no Yuugi x Yuugi fics I remember ever reading and tells me that this section would be a good place to start.

No wonder they call YGO the yaoi breeding grounds.

And that's how I, at the tender age of 18, got into not only anime fandoms, but yaoi as well.

Oh, and did I mention that months down the road, Caitlyn also introduced me to the amazing, and beautiful shonen-ai anime series that is called Loveless. The funniest part of it all, is that my uncle downloads it all for her. :|

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