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Of playgrounds and puppies...

I'm currently doing my practical (educational project XD) at an elementary school for the U.

All's been well so far, I've been assigned to a lovely bunch of second-graders and the class behaves very well. They're utterly cuuute. ♥ ^^ But that's not the point. (even though it is rather amusing to look at their various YGO-stuff - pullovers, pencil pouches, etc. ... I'm not jealous. Really. damn I wish I was a kid again XD)

Today, I had monitoring attendance on the playground. I'm thinking nothing evil, looking around for the occassional fight or rumble to errupt, when I walk past a group of my kids. Three girls, to be precise, aged around 9-10. And coincidentally, I overheard them.

Girl1: And I tell you, Yami is so neat!
Girl2: Yes! But Seto is much better. Even if he doesn't have a girlfriend.
Girl3: ... But. Everyone knows he's in love with Joey!
Me: ... ... !!! *blinks* - as do the other girls.
Girl2: NO way. Joey is a guy. (and that is pronounced with ALL the firm belief of a little kid.)
Girl3: Yes. But mum always says if two people call each other names they must really like each other! She says "The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love!"(*An1*) (kid starts to pout)
Girl2: ... Well... I guess that makes sense... have they kissed each other yet? (and with that tiny childish voice it sounded even better than standing written here)

At that point of the conversation I had to stagger away, trying hard not to burst into laughter and make a complete fool of myself. I think I died a little bit inside.

See, I think I just found Germay's youngest puppyshipping-fangirl(s)!

And it can't have been my evil influence. I've been at that school only since monday. And I haven't lost a single word about YGO. Mwahahaha. *sends YGOvibes*

(*An1*) the actual phrase was a german proverb 'Was sich liebt, das neckt sich'. It's got the same meaning as the english one I used above.

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