Kelriia Frettlar (the__ivorytower) wrote in playthedamncard,
Kelriia Frettlar

Icon requests..?

I don't know if I'm actually allowed to *do* this on this community, so I'll try and hope for the best, ne?

Icon 1:

Joey (holding up duel wrist thingie): Hey Yami, wanna duel?!
Yami (looking tired): Joey, I'm tired. Another time?
Joey (big grin): Ok! Wanna have sex?
Yami (looking determined): Oh you're *on*!

Icon 2:

Seto (looking down/imposing/whatever he does, he's good at it): [Seto Kaiba]


Yugi (looking up with those big purple eyes o' his): [Yugi Mutou]

(Picture of ropes, chains, both, whichever): My fandom is all tied up right now...

Icon 3: (inspired by yesterday's episode of Yugioh - using scenes from that episode)

Téa: I want to ride on Kaiba's magical blimp!
Goon: Er, I don't think so...
Mokuba: Let them on!
Goon: Mr Kaiba?
Seto: ...whatever
Téa: Hurray!
Mokuba: Oh, I'd do anything for *you*, Téa!
Text: My fandom is underage (and a little creepy...)

I will make room for these icons! Or possibly subscribe to LJ. Whichever I feel is less painful. ^^;;;

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