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Its enough to make you cry

I did something really really really really stupid and i didn't even mean it, then again most never do.

[don't have to read this if you don't want to just me talking about my shocking depressed today]
i was cleaning up my computer because i was downloading a very large bit-torrent file. I had a folder filled with YGO episodes that i have been downloading for the past year

Found out that the entire file wasn't going to fit into the CD, i compressed it and it still wasn't small enough. So i went and extracted the files again so i can put them into different CDs; though i had it all extracted out and permanantly deleted the file...20 minutes later i look at the extracted file i had and found that there was only 8 files in there, not even 8 the last one didn't work. It was so depressing.
[ok story time done now with the request]

Here i am troubling you all again. I'm SORRY!
I still have the links to most of the places that i got the episodes from (the episodes i had were really random some in 0 season some in battle city, dubbed, subbed ect) But there are some files that i got from very generous and caring people here and i am requesting if those kind and generous people could give me a link or email me the file(s) so i can replenish my supply.

The Episodes that i got from here were battle city subbed episodes specifically right after Jou defeated Mako and met 'Namu.' Also (being the leech and impatient downloading whore that i am) I wouldn't mind getting other episodes that others have, preferably subbed episodes because the dubbed may be fun but the subbed you just need to see.

Thankyou ALL very much if you can help, if not, thankyou for reading this.

On a lighter note, i'm on the verge of creating the millennium toilet roll. Last thought, can someone explain to me about whats going on with "Capsule" something? I've been gone for a while so i'm totally clueless on what is happening.
(P.S.- if i'm spamming or doing something against the rules please tell me and i'll take this off immediatly. Sorry if i'm sounding whiny as well ^^;;)

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