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Simino City?

Well, here's another installment of my whacked out Sims. Thanks to immicolia and sennet, I've got Yuugi and Atemu skins that work good enough for me. *sage nod* I might start up another neighborhood of just YGO guys... but I'm having too much fun with this. XDD

Well, here they are: Atemu and Yuugi. Yes, I made Yuugi a teen. I think it's cute. XD;;;

What is with my Sims and their facination with pillow fights...

Shizuka was the first one to show up, and Atemu TRIED TO COP A FEEL ON HER almost right away. He got smacked. XD

Bat showed up not that long afterward. Apparently he took a moment to catch up with his future sister-in-law.

And then Atemu practically latched onto Bakura and wouldn't stop talking to him. That left Yuugi to cook. I'm sure you can guess what happened from there. Thank god for sprinklers. And now he's blocking off his escape. Atemu's a horrible parent. >:

I just found this shot particurally amusing.

Another amusing shot. Not only are they in Yuugi's room, but Bat was pounding on the damn thing more often then not. Poor Yuugi.

Well, next day, Yuugi went to school, and Atemu -- ignoring everything else that needed to be done -- plopped on his ass and started writing in his diary. :|

Atemu got boring real quick, so I switched the action over to Bakura's house. Hey, I made his place bigger anyway; may as well have them move in with him.

Again with the pillow fights... I guess it's some kind of mating ritual or something.

Bakura is VERY touchy feely.

How Bat greeted Atemu on his next visit. O_O;
Bakura: I MISSED YOU! *tackle!*
Atemu: O_o;;;

No, Bat's not proposing (yet), just serenading, which I found hiliarous 'cause it's apparently a real turn on for Atemu. He and Yuugi moved in after that. XD

The next morning. They are SO shameless.

Bat had to go off to work (life of crime track, of course. He just got promoted to Bookie, and I must say, he looks damn good in a suit). So, the Mutous preceeded to take advantage of Bat's stereo. XD

I think I started a new trend on here. Oopse. XDDD

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