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Yet Another Way Wiki is God

Seriously. Wikipedia is god. And Google, else I may never have realized this. Anywho.

To those who've played Falsebound Kingdom, you know how to tell the difference between the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons is by giving them names? I don't know if it's in anything other than FK, but there's that, and it got me wondering one day, so I decided to be bored and flit across Wiki. I was disappointed to only find one having a name related to much of anything.

Please, we're all relatively mature here (just on crack, too), so don't let this turn into a religion...THING, y'know? I just thought this was coolness.

...'Kay, this is random, but I just realized that the names of the three BEWDs (I've started wondering if the illustrious 4th ever had a name) are derrivitives of Arabic names found in the Qur'ra/Koran, the basic Bible of the Islamic religion.
So like I said, I checked Wiki. Only had one name that seemed to make an impact. Then I plugged in all the names in Google, and not only did I get FK stuff, but also a few other spellings of the I tried those.

Azrael = well, Azrael, it's a direct name in Wiki
Djibril = Jibril (= Gabriel in Hebrew)
Ibris = Iblis

(all excerpts from Wikipedia, and nevermind the stupid ???'s of where symbols were)

Azrael is typically known as one of the names of the Angel of death, and is an English form of the name 'Izrail,' the name traditionally attributed to the Angel of death appearing in the Qur'an. It is also spelled Azrail, Ashriel, Azaril, and Azriel. The name literally means whom God helps.

In various religions, Gabriel (???????????, Standard Hebrew Gavri'el, Latin Gabrielus, Tiberian Hebrew Ga?rî'el, Arabic ????? Gabril Jibril) is an angel who serves as a messenger from God.

Iblis (Arabic ?????), is the primary devil in Islam.

I just thought it was really, really awesome, but then, I find small things amusing. XD

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