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Now it's my time to share a dream. ^^

We had Matrix:Reloaded airing on Saturday. I slept through half of the movie, don't really know what happened, but last night that damn thing came back to haunt me.

So. Kaiba + Matrix = One hell of a nightmare.

It all started out with Kaiba somewhat filling in as substitute Neo, swallowing the pill and waking up surrounded by machines. First thing he said: 'I knew there were only holograms. Take that, Yuugi!' (that bastard).
Then he went on being all superior on Yuugi for another few seconds until he found his hair was missing - due to the plugs and other thingies the machines used on humans. That made him sneer angrily. ^^

After that I'm missing a part because my strange mind doesn't want me to remember clearly. But there was one point where everyone of the rebels was wearing those elite black coats, only Kaibas' was pure white and he was bitching complaining that he didn't get the memo. (he looked way sexier than the others, though ^^)

And then poor Kaiba had to fight off the evil twins and about two dozen of Mr. Smiths. They all tried to dog-pile on him... and he countered with a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon attack(? that the correct English term?). Baddies go bye-bye... and Kaiba only stood there, looking smug and gloated. XD

I thankfully woke up after that. It was *scary*. My poor brain. YGO and Matrix really don't go together. What do you think?

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