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Yuugiou is just so Sim-2-ulating. :P

Well, I've had the Sims 2 on my computer for awhile, along with skins of Ryou and Bakura, and Shizuka and Anzu made by Lunar Eclipse on Mod the Sims 2. I recently started a new house with Shizuka, and who to my surprise showed up but my Ryou Sim I had set up previously. O_O And they started talking and hitting it off right away; they were friends by the time Ryou left the house. So I was just like... "Hmmm... *ponderponder*", and started taking screenshots. XD

Here be Shizuka. I put her in different cloths from her default. Hey, I like that shirt. ^^;

Ryou's second visit. He came over with a friend, and as soon as Shizuka greeted him, they broke out into a pillow fight. XD

Ryou cuddling with Shizuka while Ryou's friend insults Anzu. This friend of his was also the same guy that yoinked Shizuka's paper the first day she came into the neighborhood. Jerk.

This kinda happened out of the blue. They were cuddling, and all of a sudden Shizuka THREW RYOU ONTO THE COUCH and started one mad make out session. O_O;; Ryou quite liked it too, judging from the number of +'s that appeared. And the fact that it was cake to get him to move in afterwards.

Another cuddling turned mad make-out session, with Ryou as the initiator. The next day after this, Ryou proposed... in his underwear, on the front porch. Unfortunately, my clicker finger wasn't fast enough to get it. XDDD

I'll get more pictures my next play sessions if people are interested.

EDIT: I appologize for the quality of the pictures. o.< I'll make them better next time.

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