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sometimes my chest is a field full of landmines

More randomosity of Memory World

One more amusing thing from today's epi that I forgot to mention. Kaiba had girly eyelashes. No, seriously, girly ones instead of his uber-pointy ones. It was only once, some close-up of his face, but I remember laughing so hard at that.

And with all this 'ZOMG YGO/SW!1!' stuff going on, I'd just like to say, I wish I had a scanner. :| Because y'know what? I sketched Seto Kaiba as Anakin Skywalker and Gozaburo Kaiba as Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Because it completely and utterly works in MY mind, anyway.

So I first got the idea watching Episode III, obviously. In English class, we were learning about tragic heroes, and I thought Ani fit the bill. And Seto. Of course, because I'm just like that.
So I'm watching it, and I've already got a bit of 'hm, Seto and Anakin' in my head. Which only grows. Don't ask me who Obi is, I wouldn't know. Been trying to figure it out.
But anyway.
So Anakin stumbles across Palpatine who eventually becomes the almighty Darth Sidious/wrinkle dude of doom. He changes Ani. Turns him darker, nastier, teaches him to betray loved ones, teaches him everything he knows, takes him in practically as a son.
Long explaination short, the angsty kids remind me of each other, and the manipulative mofos remind me of each other, thus my sketches of Seto!Ani and Goz!Sidious.
I like Seto. But my Goz makes me think of Luigi. :|
Stupid lack of a scanner.

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