Polly (strawberryhitsu) wrote in playthedamncard,

Haha, I taped today's dub episode. I was laughing when I saw how they edited the scene with those Egyptian kids running through Seto's crotch. On a side-note, when they ran through, do you think Seto felt anything in that certain area. LoL I'm perverted. There was also that one part were he says something among the lines of "This might not be a dream!". In my head I was going 'Either that or he's on some major acid'.

Oh yea, and I noticed something else in this episode. Since when did Bakura have fangs!?

Oh and I have a question, does anyone know a livejournal community especially for Yu-Gi-Oh graphics? And does anyone know a site with good quality Yu-Gi-Oh gifs? It's all for the icons. :3

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