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Went and deleted that last entry regarding you-know-what (partially because I don't know how to friend-lock entries yet...)

But while I was reading the comments, someone brought up LOST. And, well, that got me to thinking...

LOST: The YGO!crack version

Cast (in no particular order):
Atemu as Jack - Both are leaders. Both have a hard time moving on with past grievences. Both aren't very good at dealing with girls. And both definately hog the bloody spotlight.

Anzu Mazaki as Kate - It just seems right, as both are the main female characters. Plus, both have crush-issues. Big time.

Yami no Bakura as Sawyer - Here's a match that just seems too bloody perfect. Both lost their parents at a young age, and both commited a series of crimes. On the island, both would hoard all the loot found in the wreck, and would definately want everyone to leave them alone. Plus, I'd love to see Bakura!Sawyer's face after seeing that horse in the jungle. ^_^

Malik Ishtar as Sayid - It's just too perfect. XDD

Bakura Ryou as Charlie - BECAUSE HE'S FLIPPING BRITISH!....okay, not really. But both characters are trying to recooperate from past-addictions; Charlie from heroin, and Bakura from the ring ('cept he really wasn't addicted o_o)

Kisara as Claire - No, I didn't just pick her because I think Bakura and Kisara would look good togther. >>; Both characters just seem to have had a lot of bad luck as of late - y'know, with Claire being abducted by Ethan, and Kisara getting...well, dead.

Jounouchi Katsuya as Hurley - Both are happy-go-lucky characters who are somewhat superstitious. Plus, both think they're studs, but they aren't. XD

Mai Valentine as Shannon - They're both bitches and you know it. ^_^

Seto Kaiba as Michael - Extremely overprotective of their loved ones, both would do just about anything to get revenge on those who hurt their families. Originally, I was gonna cast Grandpa as Seto, but this just seemed natural.

Mokuba Kaiba as Walt - 'Cuz they're both freaking adorable. ^_^

Blankey as Vincent - I love these dogs. No questions asked.

...that's all I've got for now. I missed a shitload of people, but I couldn't come up with anyone else. Any suggestions?

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