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Todays Episode!!!

Omg i was yelling at the TV the entire time.

There was so many effing PUNS. D:!!! i was banging my head on the arm of the couch muttering "i hate you, i hate you so much." also i was screaming "The LOTUS are coming the lotus are coming! Save us Moses!!!" until bakura said a pun x.x

Yugi mentioning about the traps at the last minute was wonderful. They censored Kaiba's crotch that made me kinda sad, but his wordies were really fun and you just wanted to make fun of him.

i've got to download and re-watch this episode, i missed last weeks.

Final thought, have you ever had that paranoia that 4Kids is going online and looking at YGO forum and such and then putting in the dubbed just to mock us?

edit: also forgot Didn't Ancient Seto go like "hmmmm maybe i should, MAYBE I SHOULD" i didn't get it though, isn't he supposed to look all possessed and stuff?

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