DigiFaith (digifaith) wrote in playthedamncard,

Capsule Monsters Discussion

I know there are already two active topics about this, so I'll delete this if people think it's too much. But I thought we needed a post for actual INTELLIGENT discussion of the new Capsule Monsters series. (Note the qualifier. Intelligent discussion only. If you want to download the episode, post in one of the other topics.)

Here's a starting point: Did anyone else think it looked "edited"? There were white glows over some of the battle scenes, like when the Flower Wolves were munching on Yuugi-tachi's monsters. And the capsule-launch catchphrase seems a little forced. If I heard right, they say "Load capsule!" and then "Now, fire!" It would seem to make more sense to just say "Fire" instead of "Now, fire," but if they were dubbing the episode from another language, they would have been forced to use a two-syllable catchphrase to match the mouth movements. So, is it possible that either this already exists in Japanese or they're planning on releasing a Japanese version?

EDIT: I took a few screencaps, for anyone who's interested and/or who couldn't download the episode. They're all in a Photobucket album. (If you'd like a version with commentary, look here. Minor spoilers for the episode, but only minor. 8D) Feel free to use for whatever, but if you put them up on a website or something, I'd appreciate a link to my Blurty (http://www.blurty.com/~digifaith) or LJ.

EDIT 2: ...And now, because one of my friends said, "wtfh? Grandpa's an SSJ with grey hair!", someone with greater Photoshop skillz than mine must edit a dragonball or something into this cap. XD

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