Ariadne Bassarid (ariadnebassarid) wrote in playthedamncard,
Ariadne Bassarid


For those of you who aren't from New Zealand - ie, most of you - episode 177 aired here today. Yep, we're still on Doom. And alas I have no one else to share my pondering with so it's you guys.

Point 1. If Dartz didn't speak with a manly voice, I'd be convinced he was a woman. Convinced.

Point 2. Anyone else notice that since the start of the series the differentiation between Yuugi's little squeaky voice and Yami's deep righteous one has gotten more and more extreme? I wonder how low Dan Green can go...

Point 3, and most importantly: I almost DIED when Mokuba called Seto and Yami the "dream team". Oh, boy...

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