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Okay, this is kind of stupid, but i found it ENDLESSLY amusing. So i have all these pictures of my favorite bishies taped into my school agenda, one picture on every page (a school agenda, for those who might not know, is just like a planner type thing where you write all your assignments, but theres a handbook in the beginning with all the school rules, the pictures were taped onto the handbook part) So I was just drooling looking at it during study hall, and I noticed that the topics of the pages they were taped onto were BIZARRELY fitting. Here are the topics on each persons page:
Seto: (there were MANY pages of him of course XD) Electronic devices, counseling services (whaa? :o) and academic distinction (cuz he's a genius like whoa!)
Marik: Transportation services (boat, motorcycle) Corporal Punishment (bahaha) and (this one keeled me dead) "students will work to develop mechanisms to control their anger."
Joey: Disruptive behavior
Bakura: Taking money or material goods from other persons in the high school building; Theft/extortion/gambling (oh, and bomb scares, which doesnt apply to bakura, but its fun to picture him doing that)

Yeah, that was pointless, and your probably wondering how I plan to pay you for that moment of your life that you'll never get back, but I thought it was ca-razy ^_^

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