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Conspiration theory. Our TVstation is hiding eps in secret, I swear!

So. After checking out our TV-stations episode guide for YuGiOh! I've come to the conclusion that the dude writing it must be kinda confused, on crack or very, very lazy.

Why? Well, they totally messed up the eps names: (English translations behind, I don't know what they're called in the american Dub, but I'll do my best)

(we've seen previously
215. 'Die Macht der Finsternis - Teil 1' //The power of Darkness - part 1
216. 'Die Macht der Finsternis - Teil 2' //... - part 2
217. 'Die Macht der Finsternis - Teil 3' //... 3
and we're here today:)

Or can anyone explain to me why
218. 'Die Macht der Finsternis - Teil 4' //... 4
is followed by
219. 'Im Namen des Pharaoh - Teil 5' //In the name of the pharaoh - part 5
220. 'Die große Prüfung' //The great trial (/test?)
221. 'Letztes Schicksalsduell - Teil 1' //Last duel of fate - part 1
222. 'Sieg über die drei Götter - Teil 2' //Victory over the three Gods - part 2
223. 'Starkes Herz - Weiches Herz - Teil 3' //Strong heart - Soft heart - part 3
224. 'Die Geschichte, die im Licht endet - Teil 4' //The tale that is ending in light - part 4

I'll just say BZUH? Ohmygod NOES! Our TV-station is hiding episodes! Where the heck did they ship off the obviously missing parts? ^^

So far they've used part 1,2,3 only in eps that are labeled the same title (see above, 215&co) Why do they change it now? They could have just skipped off the 'part xyz' thing at the end and I wouldn't have been so very disappointed. that and they could really have made better summaries.

Oh and we'll go by 'Atem' in our Dub - so I predict the american Dub will too.

Fun fact: Atem (pronounced on the A) is actually a word in German and means 'breath' ... now that'll give me creepy images for the rest of the day.

Oh great Pharaoh Minty-Breath... *getsbricked*

Uhm kthxbai.

PS: *angsts* If they actually go through with the scheduled program that means we'll be seeing the last ep on next thursday. I'm unhappy again.

PPS: Of course the whole rant about the eps is meant to be fun and is kinda sarcastic. I remember the SUB being labeled similar, but don't know if the had the parts thingy on, too and we're just following the original. I just wanted to point out the 'missing ones' ^^*

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