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YGO Radio

Well I had an idea, from the wonderful dutch voices and the awesome commentary, that a sort of YGO Radio show should be thought up. Not like, a show by them, but one created by fan's with YGO info in it, random amusing tidbits, quotes, recomendations for websites to visit, fics to read, fanartists to prod. And Thus I created the YGO Radio community. I'm looking for one or two co-mods, and some people to be "announcers" for this little radio show. As well as people who want to add things to it. We'll mix the things people say all together and then release it on the net as a "radio show"

If anyone is interested:

There's the link. I would really like to get some people from this community there because this is such a great and huge community! One day it'll have it's own fan base!

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