June 9th, 2012


Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM on Facebook

It looks like Viz and Yu-Gi-Oh! have finally decided to delve into the market of social online games! I logged onto Facebook this morning and was surprised to sees this pop up in the ads on my sidebar. 

The main map is really simple and just consists of a bunch of points on an overworld. When you click on a point, you enter a "Chapter", which consists of more map points that are duels or finding more cards. Finishing each chapter earns you an achievement and money. The duel itself is a very simplified version of Duel Monsters. You only get 3 cards per draw out of a 15 card deck, and 6 slots on the field 3; 3 for monsters, 3 for spells. There are also "Power Ups" which are basically like one-time use items on the side that are really powerful, such as destroying all monsters on the field, etc. Once you set down your monsters and cards, you click the "BAM" button in the middle of the field (no idea what it stands for) which then pits your cards against your opponents. 

Like all other Facebook games, there's a connectivity with your FB friends, although I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm assuming it's things like tag-dueling, gifting, and challenging each other, as well as leaderboards of some sort. You also get a certain amount of "energy" (think Mafia Wars) that gets used up each time you enter a duel or spend time on the map, and once that's gone, you'll have to wait for it to restore, or buy more energy, before you can play again. Duel points and coins are used for purchasing things in the game such as more cards, and can be earned after beating opponents in a duel. 

Production-wise, there's this funky techno-trance soundtrack in the background, which wasn't what I was expecting... but it's not bad. The visuals are pretty simple, as are the card designs. I'm not sure that there's much of a plot except that it you were invited to this tournament by the "Organizer" and now must duel your way through this world "Alba Litora", a "shattered place lost in time, which a cataclysmic event wiped out all duels." O....kay. In any case, Yami starts out by teaching you the basics before you go and start dueling on your own. Seto Kaiba's your first boss, although he really doesn't say much except for his usual "think you can beat me?" I'm hoping we'll get to see more characters than just the main ones from DM. 

As with all YGO games, deck building is a huge part, so I'm foreseeing new cards being added in the future for current promotions and things like that. Despite the simplicity of it all, the game is actually kinda addicting, and hey, it's Yu-Gi-Oh!, so of course I'm going to play! You can find it by searching "Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM" on Facebook apps.