December 10th, 2011

YGO! GX | DIAF, does anyone remember that depressing post about Fujiwara?

A while back I posted under a sock, asking if anyone else had interpreted Fujiwara's spoiler, spoiler and spoiler as a form of supernatural suicide. The response was that it seemed to be a valid interpretation of the events, and when I mentioned I was using that as the premise of a fic, several people wanted to be notified when I posted it.

...well, I've finished the first chapter, but I can't find that post. @___@ Which means I can't PM the people who wanted to be PMed.

I hope it's all right if I drop a link here so that the people interested might be able to see it! I feel bad about spacing out on a promise like that.

The first chapter of the fic is here; it's Fujiwara and Fubuki post-series gen, and more information can be found at the link. I won't be posting future chapters here because I don't think it's really quite on-topic for this comm, so following my writing journal (wetwordpaint) would be best if you want updates.

My apologies for losing the first post and having to clutter up the comm with this one. OTL