September 15th, 2011


So... about that lawsuit... and ZEXAL in 2012?

Trying to keep track of this is a major pain... (mainly because the stuff from August 26th trial isn't public until october unless you pay for one of those law sites)

But while going through this discussion thread: (ignore the "4kidswillrise" user they were banned for a reason)

a couple of interesting links came up-

This in regards to Yugioh in Europe:
"4Kids, 4sight to Present Lineup at Brand Licensing Europe 2011

Press Release from 4Kids Entertainment International

Among the hit brands being presented is Yu-Gi-Oh! - the global phenomenon that boasts millions of fans across the world and has inspired several hit TV shows and a series of best-selling trading card games. Currently celebrating its tenth anniversary, the franchise is more popular than ever, with the latest series, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s broadcasting across Europe along with the previous generations Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. A brand new series, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, is set to launch across the continent soon, whilst a movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time, was successfully released earlier this year."

"soon" meaning "not this fall"

Not to mention this is the new fall schedule: (i'm not even starting with how fail the 5D's dub ended)
"Here's the schedule for September 17th: (and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong).

7:00 AM Magi-Nation
7:30 AM Magi-Nation
8:00 AM Sonic X
8:30 AM Sonic X
9:00 AM Yu-Gi-Oh!
9:30 AM Sonic X
10:00 AM Dragonball Z Kai
10:30 AM Dragonball Z Kai
11:00 AM Tai-Chi Chasers
11:30 AM Yu-Gi-Oh!

Magi-Nation airs the last episode of season 1 at 7am and starts back at season 1 with the first episode at 7:30.

Sonic X starts back at Season 1.

Dragonball Z Kai starts back at Episode 1. I think...

Tai-Chi Chasers officially premieres.

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's is off the schedule."

and then according to the Judge's calendar
there was something at 11am on 9/15, 2pm on 9/17, noon on the 20th, 11 am on the 21st, 10am on the 23rd
they all just read
"11-11607-scc 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. Ch. 11
Adversary proceeding: 11-02225-scc TV Tokyo Corporation et al v. 4Kids Entertainment, Inc."

I assume this portion of the trial is the Ch.11 restructuring but... what's the result...

oh and this (warning: it's still disputed the legitimacy of this mainly because it's on a Portugese blog)

If that is legit, 52 episodes of ZEXAL... (at least) ...2012... My bet is spring
2012 or fall 2012 since casting was a few weeks ago...

During Yugioh Nationals this summer in pittsburgh, PA there was a panel with Greg Abbey (Yusei's VA) and Dan Green (Yugi/Yami Yugi) where when asked if they had started production on Yugioh ZEXAL

10:30 Ended 5d's dub 12-15 episodes short
11:18 ZEXAL Production hasn't started

But when I went to AnimeFest (Sept. 3rd-5th) and asked some of the voice actors they said they had done casting actually a few weeks ago prior to that (so mid-end of August) Obviously this meant no ZEXAL for the fall season but more likely the spring 2012

but... this... from... that... i... i...