August 9th, 2011


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(Warning: this journal is slightly pic-heavy)

Guess what awesome I have *O*

The following review is for the DVD VERSION ONLY of the Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time from Japan and the UK.

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I was kinda hoping for specials like video from the US dub premiere / JP premiere or maybe interviews with cast and crew but... lol
(and i really don't understand why give us Malefic Red Eyes Black Dragon... ._.)

Buy your copy:
NOTE THESE DVDS ARE REGION 2 That means if you are outside of Japan/Europe they may not work on your PC or DVD player unless it is region-free or if you can change your region. (also note: for DVD players the difference in Region 2 is PAL (Japan) vs NTSC (UK/Europe) )

Also for AmazonUK: you do NOT have to live in the UK, trying logging in with your Amazon account and see if you can get all the way through, I have friends in Canada and the US who bought and received their DVD this way.

At this point, I really doubt the US is getting YGO3D, so I would say if you're a hardcore fan to get either JP (if you can afford it) or the UK version (which is about $7 USD)

Territories other than the US/UK/JP may get YGO3D in 2012 when it is "officially" the "10th anniversary", if 4kids International isn't screwed by this lawsuit in the end... :/

JP Blu-Ray -

UK Blu-ray -