August 7th, 2011


Blue-Eyes Witness News: Episode 3

A new news day, and a new news crew- Blue-Eyes Witness News is back, and things are more screwed-up than ever. Learn about the state of Domino city and its crime rates, hear the most immediate, up-to-date weather and traffic forecasts, and refresh your cooking abilities with a neat recipe- all brought to you with a great, cheery I-hate-everything-that-is-alive Seto Kaiba attitude!


Featuring, in order of appearance:

stinkulousreddous as Seto Kaiba;
snaptapflare as Yami Yugi;
swordfreakx as Blue-Eyes White Dragon;
bloodykaiba as Marik Ishtar;
cardgamesftw as the miffed defendant
ahiruwbox as Ishizu Ishtar;
snaptapflare as Maximillion Pegasus;
ahiruwbox as Mai Valentine;
bloodykaiba as Egyptian Bakura.


Also featuring Kroze as the traffic reporter, Creeper Freeza plushie, and bloodykaiba's kitty! 


“Gentle Breeze” from Trauma Center 2
Songs from the Original Death Note Soundtrack
“Friday” by Rebecca Black
Most jokes inspired by YuGiOh: Abridged by cardgamesftw
Summon the Dragon by Joel Douek; Album: Yu-Gi-Oh! Music to Duel By
All respective Yu-Gi-Oh images belong to Kazuki Takahashi

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